The Mix

I have always loved the 'old' things in a room.The smell, the look, the story a home tells. I can remember first noticing these things at my Granny's house when I was very young. Her house has the old house smell mixed with coffee & fresh baked biscuits. I can recall dusting what must have been 1000's of figurines and pieces of glassware and though they definitely aren't my style I greatly appreciate the generation from which they came and how they came to be important to her. She has gifted me with some antique purple transferware plates of hers and they are some of my favorite pieces. These plates don't hold a crazy monetary value but they are invaluable to me and they are a perfect addition to the mix of old & new found throughout my own home.

This brings me to explain "The Mix" as I have affectionately titled this entry. {SIDE NOTE: Can you believe I am blogging?} Rosewood is an eclectic mix of old & new. Simple and complex. Rusty and shiny. Rustic and refined. It's all a mix and it's what helps you make your home your own. I love the texture of an old salvaged mantle with it's chippy goodness and the new candlesticks that adorn the top. The tattered handmade quilt that lies across the back and arm of the trendy new chair in the corner. The accent table that was passed down to you that matched nothing in your home but with a coat of paint has become loved again.

Anyone can go to a big box home decor store and fill a room with decor that is visually pretty. It's when you fill that room with old, new, repurposed, & refined, that you truly get a feeling of comfort and home. At Rosewood I carefully select pieces, both old & new, that intermingle together to tell a story. This is also the reason why you'll never find 10 of the same framed art, wall hanging, or candlestick. I want people to come and buy a piece that speaks to them, that they know is not in every home in their neighborhood. Every time you walk in that door I want you to see something new (or perhaps old) that you can't live without, that speaks to you & about you. The mix is what makes Rosewood unique and what will make your home tell your story.

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