Spray it!

Hey guys! More often than not I spray the furniture I paint. This isn't always the case but if the desired look allows it I do it, it saves quite a bit of time and the finish is smooth and professional. Do you need to spend a fortune on a sprayer? Nope, there are lots of options for less than $100 that will do the job. Do you need an air compressor? No ma'am. There's a learning curve to spraying so I always suggest to first start by spraying some cardboard, scrap plywood, or a cheap piece of furniture (like that 1970's end table that you found on the side of the road). Below I have listed some great beginner options with links to Amazon and your sprayer will be at your door in 2 days! These are electric (no air compressor required) and clean up is fairly simple. Let me know if you have questions or I can help in any way. Happy Spraying!


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