Why should I buy vintage furniture?

I recently had an in-depth discussion with a friend who was clueless about the advantage of buying vintage or antique furniture. It made me realize that many people are unaware of the numerous advantages of buying from a by gone era. If the reasons below don't sway you nothin' will!

1. Quality materials- I know it sounds cliché but they really don’t make them like they used to. I only select quality made, solid wood furniture that will last for generations. Occasionally I may need to make a repair or two but so worth it when it extends the life of the furniture for future generations. Most importantly these pieces are not made of MDF, rubberwood, or particle board. Do a quick google search for furniture and you will see that most pieces are made with one of these composite materials that won’t stand the test of time.

Real wood vs Particle board. Which do you prefer?


2. Craftsmanship/Beauty- Ornate details & intricate design is something that is often standard on pieces I rehab. Cookie cutter pieces made today do not have this instant character. And regardless if you are painting or leaving as is the beauty of these details is undeniable.

1920's Jacobean Buffet/Sideboard


3. Recycling/Waste management- This statistic is mind blowing… According to a Reuters article the EPA has reported Americans toss 9.8 million tons of furniture in landfills each year. Yes, that is 19.6 BILLION pounds. Not every piece of furniture can be saved but I am definitely doing my part to keep that number at a minimum (and you should too). Next time your spouse questions you for buying another piece of furniture tell 'em you're saving the planet one gorgeous dresser at a time!

9.8 million tons of furniture is tossed out in the US each year.


4. Cost savings- Compare a rehabbed vintage piece to a new piece and see how you come out. Here’s a prime example. The desk on the right is from a large online retailer & is listed on sale for $1059 (regular price: $1581) compared to this Rosewood desk & chair set I recently listed for $449. That is less than half of the sale price!

Desk cost comparison


5. A style all your own- The opportunity to mix & match vintage pieces and create a look all your own is timeless. The look and feel of a home that has been styled with vintage pieces is unique to the individual and feels warm & inviting. Yes, you can easily go to a furniture store and pick out a whole room of coordinating furniture, just don’t be surprised when your neighbor has the same exact living room you do! Dare to be different & create a home that oozes comfort and expresses your personality.

Vintage goods provide character you won't find at a cookie cutter furniture store.


6. Thrill of the hunt- I'm sure it's no surprise that this is my favorite part of the job. There’s no better feeling than finding “the piece” that fits perfectly in a corner or nook and can be customized to your liking. Whether it be at Rosewood, a flea market, or found on the curb, it can be saved and loved by you and your family.

Flea market shopping.


7. History- Whether it’s grandma’s dresser, an old farm table, or a piece that George Washington owned it has a history. Generations before have loved & used these pieces and each are so very special in their own right. Vintage pieces tell a story and create a warmth that new furniture can not. I always say that Aunt Betty's hutch is better off painted & used than sitting in storage because you don't like the look! The 50 year old table and hutch pictured below were going to be replaced. However, my client had sentimental attachment & decided a makeover was in order. So, I custom painted both pieces and she fell in love all over again!

Dining table & hutch makeover


8. No assembly required- Have you seen the instructions for an IKEA dresser? It's not how I want to spend my time. Take a look, it's painful!! Assembly instructions


9. One of a kind- Perhaps the greatest thing about buying a piece of furniture that has been rehabbed, painted, refurbished, etc is that you’re buying a truly unique item! These pieces are one of a kind. Someone has poured their heart & soul into it and they want to share their talent with you!

Custom painted antique pew

Next time you decide to purchase furniture think about these things and embrace all that vintage has to offer!

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