July Prime Day, Round 1

I love Prime Day and all these deals.

Check these out!

And this, $300 off on the luggage!!

So many fabulous deals... If you don't have "Alexa" get it! It's crazy how much we use her. "Alexa, what's the weather?"

"Alexa, what time does SpiderMan show at Movie Tavern at Brannon Crossing?"

"Alexa, set a 20 minute cook timer."

"Alexa, remind me each night at 8pm to take a vitamin."

Yes, she does all of these things :) Get one!

Enjoy, please share with your friends and tell me what you bought today. Did you save on Amazon or another site?

Thanks for reading and remember a simple share can help this small business without costing you anything! As an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases and every bit helps. Thanks so much.

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